Floor plans

Phase 2

Phase 1

Floor plans

Phase 1

3rd floor

Unité Espace Nombre de chambres
312 1069 pi2 2 chambres Details

5th floor

Unité Espace Nombre de chambres
516 1064 pi2 2 chambres Details

6th floor

Unité Espace Nombre de chambres
613 1064 pi2 2 chambres Details
616 1064 pi2 2 chambres Details

Phase 2

2nd floor

Unité Espace Nombre de chambres
217 pi2 chambre Details

3rd floor

Unité Espace Nombre de chambres
310 pi2 chambre Details




SIGNATURE BOISBRIAND rental complex is a visionary project located in the FAUBOURG BOISBRIAND sector, close to all amenities and major highway networks, at the junction of Autoroutes 15 South and 640 West.

BOISBRIAND is one of the most dynamic cities in Québec, and is in full growth mode!

Opt for a rental unit that features exceptional high-end construction with superior-quality materials.

We affix our SIGNATURE to all of our project because we are extremely proud of the work we do!

Discover our brand new project at FAUBOURG BOISBRIAND!

An exceptional living space for active individuals like you!

Why rent?

Why rent?


  • Because these are new properties.
  • You benefit from the standards governing new constructions.
  • All you have to do is move in.
  • There are no renovations to do.
  • No maintenance.
  • You have access to green spaces and recreational areas on-site or at your doorstep.
  • Comfortable and secure condos.
  • All units are eco-responsible; the buildings are constructed from the perspective of respect for the environment and sustainable development.
  • Because you want worry-free living.




The SIGNATURE BOISBRIAND project, your concrete guarantee of quality!

The SIGNATURE BOISBRIAND project, your concrete guarantee of quality!

Superior-quality construction stands apart, first and foremost because of the builder’s commitment to offering you the full benefit of its expertise and the painstaking care it takes during every step in the construction of your future unit.

All worthwhile accomplishments are built upon a solid foundation and following noble values. When you do business with a recognized builder with an enviable reputation like DÉVELOPPEMENT SIGNATURE, which has created numerous successful residential projects, you can trust that you are in good hands.

… Hands that understand construction

… Directed by masters in their field.

Concrete is synonymous with exceptional soundproofing, which is one of the most important factors in condominium living.

The building in BOISBRIAND is constructed using the finest-quality concrete to ensure tranquility and privacy when you enter the warm and comforting embrace of your very own SIGNATURE unit.

A flexible offer that meets all of your needs

A flexible offer that meets all of your needs

Did you know that you can travel from Boisbriand to Downtown Montréal in less than 30 minutes?

Did you know that it is impossible to find the same quality of life on the Island of Montréal at the same price?


-          3½ units

-          4½ units

-          5½ units

-          Penthouses

-          Town Houses


  • A team of designers is responsible for the finish in your condo, reflecting the latest interior design trends.
  • Our decorating professionals are committed to delivering your unit with a “high-end” look, featuring fine lines that transcend time to always remain in style.
  • Worry-free rental that is ideally suited to your taste and style!

Delivery begins in 2019!

Common areas that will add moments of pure bliss to your daily life

Common areas that will add moments of pure bliss to your daily life

The SIGNATURE BOISBRIAND project features common areas that will enhance your quality of life on a daily basis.

  • Keep in shape by working out in our modern, well-equipped exercise room. No need for gym memberships! Just a few steps, and you are there!


  • An indoor pool for those who love swimming / bathing, or simply enjoy tranquil moments in a well-designed environment that is sure to please.


  • A wellness space for your morning warm-up, yoga or tai chi, where you can centre yourself and drain away the stress that builds up in your outside life, because inside our condos, our rental formula is 100% stress-free.


  • A comfortable, warm and welcoming lounge to enrich your social life, equipped with billiard table, television screens and a variety of amenities.


  • Extensive indoor parking.
Crowned with a magnificent rooftop terrace

Crowned with a magnificent rooftop terrace

Imagine working out in the open air … only a minute away from home!

Our rooftop terrace is sure to please everyone. It is the ideal place for relaxing, enjoying a beverage, working on your tan, admiring a spectacular sunset or simply gazing at the stars.

When the warmer weather arrives, one section of the rooftop terrace can also be used for yoga, Pilates, meditation and all types of physical exercise.

Imagine the joy of working out with an incredible view that can whisk you away … reason enough to devote yourself to staying in shape.

Interior beauty

Signature Boisbriand feature practical, comfortable, well-appointed interiors that are sure to satisfy your every need.

Our quality standards match your most exacting requirements, and we are committed to not only meeting your highest expectations, but exceeding them.

Sophisticated design, superior-quality materials and painstaking attention to detail are only a few of the attributes you will discover in our kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.

The quality of the doors and windows is as important to us as it is to you.

We can assure you that, when you choose a SIGNATURE BOISBRIAND unit, you are making the right choice.


In Boisbriand, we take the time to enjoy life to the fullest!

  • Boisbriand is an accessible, youthful and dynamic city that offers a healthy environment and superior quality of life in a charming, natural setting.
  • More than ever before, Boisbriand is well-equipped to welcome and facilitate the integration of new citizens while providing an unparalleled range of services to its residents.
  • The phrase that we hear most often in Boisbriand is: “It’s a great place to live”.
  • The City enjoys an enviable geographic location at the junction of Autoroutes 13, 15 and 640.
  • Boisbriand is a pioneer in environmental protection and the preservation of its territory. Allow yourself to be enchanted by its service offer, green spaces and accessibility to the banks of the Mille-Îles River.
  • It is an idyllic location for those who are looking for tranquility in suburbia while remaining close to Montréal.
  • Located near Faubourg Boisbriand, residents of the SIGNATURE BOISBRIAND project will reap all of the benefits of this vast commercial space.

The City is active on social media networks to keep you informed!

Sales office

1050 Francs-Bourgeois Street
(access via d'Annemasse street)

Boisbriand, QC
J7H 1M9

T: 450-818-1899


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